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River are obsessed about your doctor, even in the event she was actually increased so you’re able to destroy him

River seemed comfortable with becoming stored in prison the majority of her lives for a criminal activity she failed to going and regularly flirted on the guards or made jokes regarding the facility, actually shortly after proclaiming that she are “breaking in not out” and that was a simple taunt to the protection regarding the thing that was said to be a very secure prison. (TV: Tissue and you may Brick, Good Man Would go to Battle) She been able to escape from prison “like this new wall space aren’t truth be told there” according to Doctor. (HOMEVID: First-night) Nonetheless, she did work at earning a pardon, sooner thriving in the event the Doc removed records out-of himself on universe. (TV: Skin and you will Stone, Enough time out of Angels, The newest Angels Capture Manhattan) She after said she had “a significant reputation of leaking out”. (TV: The fresh new Husbands away from Lake Song)

Lake appreciated flirting with people and you may is constantly hitting on Doc, regardless of if she as well as tended to flirt with other people such jail shields and you will Hitler’s troops. She have a tendency to met your medical professional to your terms “Hello Sweetie”. (TV: Silence in the Library, Tissue and you will Stone, The fresh Pandorica Opens, Why don’t we Destroy Hitler, The marriage out-of River Tune) She has also been rather vain, believing that their cleavage “you will decrease an ox within twenty legs”. (TV: The newest Angels Grab Manhattan)

But not, she thought he failed to love the woman reciprocally that was verified of the a skim used from the Queen Hydroflax’s human body

River try very confident in the girl efficiency and you may she is very hard to intimidate, appearing zero anxiety when confronted with the new Crying Angels, the new Quiet or perhaps the Vashta Nerada. She has also been pretty good at the hiding this lady attitude, and you can don’t wish to reveal weakness. She try devastated whenever the woman moms and dads was basically taken by the a crying Angel however, instead of the newest Dy to visit be which have Rory and you may failed to fall apart following Angel moved Amy away, showing a better number of self-manage than her spouse, and you will seeing the fresh new Whining Angel this couldn’t attack them since the Doc appeared away. (TV: Brand new Angels Just take Manhattan)

She teased Madame Kovarian in regards to the error she made by kidnapping this lady because the Kovarian is actually partly guilty of this lady falling crazy into Doc before everything else

She knew the doctor more extremely. Lake got photo of one’s very first several Medical professionals, including experience in the battle Doctor. She learned of one’s Physician’s lost regeneration and you can is actually surprised whenever your physician got a different regeneration course. She said at the some point she don’t anxiety demise but rather fulfilling a form of your physician just who don’t understand the girl at the most of the. Within this talk, she informed Rory flirtwith aanmelden you to she resided for her activities on the Doctor, also of those that simply don’t see he or she is romantically involved, however, felt that fulfilling a health care provider whom cannot see the lady but really carry out kill her. (TV: The new Impossible Astronaut) As she matured, she became on the a much more selfless people and you will displayed an effective desire so you can compromise herself, in the course of time giving the woman lifestyle to save the new Tenth Doc. (TV: Tree of the Deceased, Committed out-of Angels) In the event the Twelfth Doc analyzed of all of the her other marriage ceremonies, he questioned River, that has not a clue who he was, throughout the her wedding in order to your. She indicated that she just discovered your very beneficial possibly. not, when confronted by Flemming, she revealed that she most did like your medical professional and never denied they. River demonstrated loving your doctor just like the instance loving the fresh celebs: “you never assume a sunset to help you appreciate you straight back.” not, she shown she is actually good using this type of and you will felt your doctor is more than losing crazy about somebody. She also believed that if she were in peril, the doctor was not foolish, sentimental or even in love sufficient with her to be in possibilities together. When Lake realized she only mentioned that in front of the Doc, she had mental and you will claimed she was just to invest in date. (TV: The Husbands out of River Song)