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Run into to the Alexandria Safe-Zone [ ]

Argument which have Simon’s Group [ ]

Some time following the episode, Natania’s neighborhood found Simon and his awesome classification, and additionally they have been obligated to functions lower than the tyranny. Reluctant to end up being complementary, the city battled back however, was basically beaten in the ensuing skirmish, and lots of individuals were slain, and additionally much of Natania’s family members. Pursuing the race, Simon and his awesome dudes circular up the left male survivors more than the age of ten and you will performed him or her, while the retribution and good terrorizing deterrent to your after that resistances. It was accomplished by Simon in advance of his category entered Negan Smith’s huge company regarding survivors known as the Saviors.

Facing the next of being enslaved by Simon or passing away, the rest women and children escaped its settlement, discover the new Oceanside campsite, and you may re-oriented their neighborhood indeed there, undetectable away from Simon and his awesome category. They implemented an insurance plan so you can kill anybody who learns their community to your eyes so you can manage on their own and also to stop people clues about the subject released in it. The women fish about nearby bay to keep by themselves given, and then have a huge repertoire from guns to defend on their own with.

Cyndie and you may Rachel located Tara Chambler involuntary to the the local beach. Rachel wished to kill her. Cyndie, who is more mature, said zero. After awakening, Tara privately accompanied these to Oceanside, in which she are grabbed. Just after Tara caused it to be obvious she was not a risk, she revealed to Natania that she and also the Alexandrians fought brand new Saviors and you can imagine they’d acquired, unsure it was only a keen outpost. Negan with his dudes found them and pressed Alexandria be effective with the Saviors. Enjoying well worth during the Tara, Natania desired their to stay. However, Tara desired to return to their girlfriend Denise and you will Alexandria. She insisted the 2 communities could work together with her. When you find yourself Natania ostensibly wanted to possess Tara and two escorts Kathy and you may Beatrice visit Alexandria having negotiations, the scenario are she had informed the newest courses so you’re able to kill Tara along the way. As an alternative, Tara escaped the newest murder sample having help from Cyndie. Cyndie later on helped Tara cross a link in which she and you can Heath have broke up during a young scavenging manage. Tara eventually escaped and you will got back to help you Alexandria if you’re Cyndie are gone back to Oceanside. It’s not familiar even in the event she had punished to ordnet ekteskap datingside have enabling Tara.

Tara later on tells Rick Grimes throughout the Oceanside and also the choice try built to discount every one of Oceanside’s guns to use resistant to the Saviors. Tara first attempts to persuade Natania getting Oceanside signup with Alexandria resistant to the Saviors, but she refuses following the disaster of your past date. Just like the Alexandrians gather the brand new Oceanside owners, Natania tries to explore Tara as an excellent hostage to make the newest Alexandrians to go out of with no Oceanside firearms. Because standoff goes on, a great walker herd methods Oceanside and you may Cyndie knocks Natania away. Collaborating, the new Alexandrians and some of Oceanside people remove the latest walker herd as opposed to shedding anyone by themselves, but Natania continues to will not get in on the combat the latest Saviors. Consequently, the new Alexandrians get every single one regarding Oceanside’s firearms, leaving all of them with nothing to guard by themselves with.

All out Battle Against the Saviors [ ]

Due to the fact war toward Saviors gets hot, Aaron and you will Enid intend to see if they may be able enroll the fresh new help of Oceanside. Not able to promote her or him weapons, Enid decides to bring them a truck out-of good whiskey distillery as an alternative. Once the Aaron and you may Enid wait around the truck later in the day, Aaron locations a fact nearby the vehicle and you may would go to read the. Aaron are assaulted of the Natania exactly who would go to kill him just after proclaiming that he cannot have come. In advance of Natania is also eliminate Aaron, the woman is take to from the Enid to save him. Aaron and you may Enid is actually following enclosed by Oceanside owners, today armed with makeshift spears. Cyndie inspections for her granny and you will discovers to help you their own sadness you to definitely Natania was slain because of the Enid’s sample.